Sweeten It With Agave 

A Naturally Sugar-Free Cookbook

By Jen Baccellieri

Featuring over 350 Simple, Delicious, & Low Glycemic Recipes


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It’s easy being sugar-free.

Do you feel guilty about your sweet tooth? Do you notice you don’t feel so great after eating sugary foods? Are you looking for alternatives, but don’t want to sacrifice the flavor and satisfaction of your favorite sweets? Artificial sweeteners and other alternatives often fail to compare, or provide their own set of health issues. But, with agave nectar, a natural sweetener, you can create delicious desserts, drinks, and foods that are actually good for you, too.

Why Agave Nectar?

Agave nectar is a liquid, diabetic-friendly sweetener made from the agave plant. It delivers a tasty sweetness that easily converts into your favorite recipes and leaves you feeling balanced, not jittery. This book will show you how to use agave, and transition to a sugar-free lifestyle–yet feel like you’re not missing anything.

Featuring Over 350 Nutritious and Delicious Recipes!

Get the big picture. Most cookbooks put an isolated healthy ingredient with poor quality foods. These recipes are not only sugar-free, but also include whole grains, organic food, superfoods, and quality fats & salts. It’s a win-win for your body and your sweet tooth!

This comprehensive guide to agave nectar covers:

  • What Agave Nectar is, Where it Comes From, and Why it’s Beneficial
  • How to Bake Without White Flour and Sugar And Still Achieve a Tasty Result
  • How To Make Kid-Friendly Recipes That They Will Love
  • How To Customize your Favorite Recipes and Create Your Own Healthy Desserts
  • Special Tips for Successful Baking with Whole Grain Flours and Agave
  • Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, and Wheat-free Modifications
  • And much more!