Meet Jen

Jen Baccellieri is a certified holistic health and nutrition consultant, natural chef, herbalist, and founder of The Art of Living Wellness Center. Since 2002 she has helped free hundreds of clients from sugar addiction and create a balanced lifestyle with whole foods nutrition.

Her experience with agave nectar began in her private practice, where she experimented to see how agave could work for clients that were addicted to sugar. Clients reported that agave was satisfying, yet did not create an addictive response. In addition, they were able to drastically decrease their consumption of sweets and replace them with whole, natural foods. Jen began playing in the kitchen to see how agave would work when substituted in her client’s favorite recipes, such as chocolate chip cookies and brownies. She was also curious to create recipes that not only replaced white sugar, but also used high quality, organic, and whole food ingredients. The question became not only, “How do I replace sugar?” but also, “How do I make a chocolate chip cookie that is deeply satisfying and delicious, AND sugar free, AND that uses only whole grain flours, quality fats, and good salt?”

From there it’s been a three-year journey to create the most comprehensive cookbook on cooking and baking with agave nectar in combination with high quality natural foods.

One of Jen’s deepest values is helping others take care of their bodies and enjoy the rewards of good health and a balanced diet. She has traveled extensively learning the latest developments in natural medicine and continues to explore the cutting edge of health, nutrition, and well being. She lectures and offers private coaching for individuals seeking help making a positive shift in their health and dietary habits. Jen lives in Boulder, CO.

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