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    Trying to choose a dog crate may seem overwhelming initially. There is a great deal of information about best puppy crates, dog crate reviews, best dog kennel online today, after all. Ultimately, it needs to come down to the individual dog and their specific needs. Is the dog an escape artist? Are they a sensitive sort who is unhappy with the idea of being crated? Oh the other hand, maybe the dog loves crates and views it as a private den or cave area. Here are

    large dog kennel, extra large dog crate, dog crates for sale to consider when choosing the right dog crate today.

    For the Escape Artist Dog

    For the escape artist dog, a strong dog crate is an absolute necessity. There are some dogs who are very stubborn, and when that’s combined with pure raw canine strength a steel dog crate may just be needed.
    large dog kennel, extra large dog crate, dog crates for sale can’t really use a standard wire dog crate because they could easily injure themselves breaking free. Wire crates just aren’t strong enough in most cases. A very smart dog will even figure out how to target the weakest areas of the wire dog crate to bust free as soon as their owner’s not in sight.

    A heavy duty crate is one that will guarantee that the pet will stay put, even when they’re actively trying to escape. However, it’s important to realize that not all sturdy dog crates are the same. Pet owners should expect to spend several hundred dollars, usually in the $300-$500 range, to get a truly top quality heavy duty dog crate. Some crates may be marketed as being "super sturdy" or even "escape proof," but when the crate is made of inferior materials and the price is just around $100, it’s a tell tale sign that something is wrong.

    High Quality: It’s Worth the Investment

    With dog crates for the escape artist, quality costs money. However, after investing in a top notch sturdy crate, that crate will last the pet for its entire life. It may even be used by several different pets in the family over the years, so pet owners can expect to get their money’s worth when they opt for a high end crate like the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate or the ProSelect Empire Dog Crate.

    No matter which crate is chosen, don’t forget to get comfortable crate pads to make sure that the dog is able to relax and feel at home in their new super sturdy dog crate.